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Charting Your Story's Journey with Herogram

Imagine crafting your story like building a house. The Herogram is your blueprint, offering seven handy flowcharts to guide each step.

Here’s the gist:

  1. The Circle: It’s the foundation. Think of it as your story’s overall flow.
  2. The Triangle: This builds the basic structure, dividing your story into three classic acts.
  3. The Wings: These add emotional depth. Creating mini-climaxes in each half of the story.
  4. The Nadir:  It reveals their inner struggles and flaws that need to be overcome.
  5. The Crown: This is the satisfying ending, where the protagonist emerges transformed, and the audience feels a sense of completion.
  6. The Polarity Axes: These are four checks to ensure your audience understands the hero’s growth throughout the story. 

About the author

Juan Álvarez

a seasoned Author and Creative Director, pioneers innovation and disruptive thinking. With expertise in narrative, storytelling and  creativity, he merges writing, audiovisual production, and artificial intelligence exploration. His focus: the intersection of technology, copyright, and creativity. With over 28 years in narrative and 50+ published books, he leads with impactful storytelling, inspiring change globally.

Herogram is a narrative writing method that draws on the wisdom of storytelling masters from around the world.

Herogram is a valuable tool for writers of all levels of experience.

This broad perspective allows it to offer a solid and flexible narrative structure that can be adapted to any genre or writing style.

It is easy to learn and use, and it can help writers improve their writing skills significantly.

Key points:

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Only $14.90 USD!